Team Coaches

Neil Butterfield

Director (Redwood High School Varsity / Gonzaga University ‘03)

Jack Elders

(Redwood High School Varsity / Georgetown University '21)

Hugh Conrad 

Yale University

Position Coaches

Harrison Zhu

Goalie Specialist (Colby College '16)

Gio Rico

Faceoff Specialist (De La Salle High School Varsity / Sonoma State University)

Player Development

John Christmas

Director (De La Salle High School Varsity / University of Virginia ‘05)


5/24TuesdayRedwood HS5.00pm-6.30pm
5/25WednesdayRedwood HS6.00pm-8.00pm
5/26ThursdayRedwood HS5.00pm-6.30pm
5/31TuesdayRedwood HS5.00pm-6.30pm
6/1WednesdayRedwood HS6.00pm-8.00pm
6/2ThursdayRedwood HS5.00pm-6.30pm
6/7TuesdayRedwood HS5.00pm-6.30pm
6/8WednesdayRedwood HS6.00pm-8.00pm
6/9ThursdayRedwood HS5.00pm-6.30pm
6/14TuesdayRedwood HS5.00pm-6.30pm
6/15WednesdayRedwood HS6.00pm-8.00pm
6/16ThursdayRedwood HS5.00pm-6.30pm


June 11th - June 12th, Beach Chalet - All Day

June 18th - June 19th, Tahoe - All Day

June 21st - June 23rd, Vail - All Day


-All players receive an AO gear pack including custom game reversible, game shorts, practice reversible, practice shorts, shooter shirt, hat, socks, and AO Travel Bag.

-High School teams receive a Recruiting profile on CONNECTLAX 


-Teams 2023-2026 receive access to available game film (NOTE: not all events offer film, while others only film certain age groups)

ROSTERS: Our rosters are comprised of up to 27 players per team (6 Attack, 9 Midfield, 2 FOGO, 2 LSM, 6 Defense, 2 Goalie). Teams will NOT exceed 27 travel players. Developmental Player spots are available (non-travel).


PLAYING TIME: Playing time must be earned and is not guaranteed. At events, coaches do their best to play all players, but game situation can often dictate otherwise. Practice reps, however, are equally distributed in our effort to develop all players.


TRAVEL: Players are responsible for their own accommodations (flights, hotel, meals, and transportation).